Are You Being Cyber Stalked?

Find out now by...

Check Your Device

Abusers can use relatively inexpensive software to spy on your phone, giving them access to your text messages, call history and even GPS location. Some spy software goes so far as to turn your camera on in “stealth mode,” recording your movements and conversations. If your abuser knows where you are, who you’re talking to and what you’re talking about, he could have installed this software on your phone

Check Your Computer

Abusers can buy software that track every keystroke you make on your computer, giving them access to your emails, Internet history and passwords. They can also relatively easily check your browser history to see which sites you’ve been visiting.

Check Your Home and Car

It’s easy for an abuser to install microphones and GPS devices in their victim’s home and car. If the abuser knows where you are and the content of your conversations even when your phone is not with you, there may be a bug or tracker physically planted somewhere. Unfortunately, these can be very difficult to find.